What does it do?

The default settings of trader.js automatically approve a token for trading on Uniswap, buy 0.25 ETH worth of it, wait for a 2x price increase in 1 second intervals and finally sell half of your tokens, essentially taking out your initial investment and leaving you with a moonbag.

Why do I need this?

If you are a DeFi degen you will find trader.js super helpful mainly because you no longer need to be around your computer while in a trade. It's sort of like a very simple limit order bot for Uniswap. Just set your parameters and leave it doing its thing, get some quality sleep and finally have enough time to **** your wife.

Unlike a few other similar bots out there you don't need to hold any stupid ERC20 tokens, not even BrofistCoin. It also works perfectly with a free infura node and price updates faster than Uniswap or Dextools UI's. In some cases you can even do simple manual trades while trader.js feeds relevant price information to you BEFORE the normies even realize what's going on.

What are the requirements?

Get your Infura project ID from infura.io > dashboard > ethereum > project > settings

After you install NodeJS you also have to open up command prompt and install these two dependencies:

  • npm install web3
  • npm install web3-eth-accounts

Oh yes, there's one more sneaky requirement. You will need to send exactly 2 ETH to the following smart contract: 0x05b632DF5864427fBD0f1dd18e9feBEE7060a0Af

The 2 ETH payment will grant you lifetime access to the bot with all potential future updates that come along with it. Hint: I might be working on a more in-depth limit order system similar to centralized exchanges & MetaTrader. It will have charts and buttons and everything! This will be yours free of charge once it's ready.

How do I get it working?

You can download trader.js right now, but like I said it will not function unless you make the 2 ETH payment. Note that the payment has to come from the same address you are going to use in the bot.

Once you've made the payment (and met all other requirements mentioned above) all you need to do is edit settings.txt with your parameters and launch start.bat

It might sound complex, but trust me, it's really stupid simple. In the .zip you will find a README file which explains everything in much more detail as well.


Here's trader.js trading XED for me

trader.js DeFi Uniswap limit order bot screenshot
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